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Smart Shopper was established in Dubai in 1999, licensed by the Department of Economic Development and registered within the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. At Smart Shoppers, we are frantic about your health and well-being. And for this sole purpose, we seek to find the finest organic foods, grocery and cosmetics available and bring ‘em to your doorstep easily and conveniently – it’s that simple really. Managed by a team of experienced professionals with a vision of supplying quality products at the right price to retailers, wholesalers and end customers. What we do do, though, is carefully evaluate each and every product we sell so as to bring you only the freshest, tastiest and most nutritious products. What’s more, we’re creating the type of shopping experience we would want for ourselves – fun, exciting and simple. So give us a whirl as you raise a toast to your health… :

Why should

choose us?

A-Z Specialty Organic Super store

The concept of a one-stop-shop store ‘exclusively’ for multi-brand organic products is virtually non-existent in UAE (and we’re saying this with mixed feelings…). It is hard to think of any single dedicated organic store (both online or offline) that houses a broad range of multi-brand selection of food and non-food ‘organic’ products under a single roof. Thus, Smart Shoppers is the first ‘exclusive’ organic store in UAE and the L A R G E S T 🙂

Handpicking Brands

We don’t just sell anything organic! We take your health and well-being very seriously, and for this, we evaluate each and every one of our product’s quality in terms of nutrition, freshness and taste. Therefore, we select only the most authentic, ethical and reliable organic suppliers as our partners.

‘Organic’ means ‘Organic’

Virtually all existing (pseudo) ‘organic’ stores keep natural’, ‘eco-friendly’, ‘fresh’ (really?), ‘green’ (can somebody please explain what does that really mean?), etc. product lines to widen their sales at the expense of the naive consumer, who understands these product ranges to be all the same. The fact is none of these product lines are organic!
Smart Shoppers shelves only ‘organic’ products and doesn’t engage in any kind of “greenwashing”. We say what we mean!

True Purveyors of Organic Movement

Through extensive consumer education and awareness, which is an integral part of the Smart Shoppers philosophy, we want to be much more than ‘just another selling portal for healthy products’. Organic, , Nutritional Advice, etc… you name it and we’ve got it.
The bottom line is that we strive to be a force for good that promotes healthy living and makes an indelible positive impact on the lives of people, enterprise and the planet.